Book Technicians For Repairing Or Servicing Water Purifier Or RO Water Purifier By Calling 844 844 9422! We Are Available In Kolkata And Howrah City! 

Whenever you call Repair Maniac to book a Water Purifier technician you are ensuring a quality service at an affordable price. We provide warranty on our services. We even have a free pickup and delivery facility from your doorsteps for RO Water Purifier that needs major repair.

RO Water Purifiers mostly has the issue like it is not turning ON then in this case problems can be faulty power supply cable or faulty transformers and capacitors on a PCB. These parts can be replaced by an expert technician like from Repair Maniac to solve the issue.

Water flow is too low and this can happen sometimes due to high TDS( Total dissolved solids) in water or may be due to one of the filter has choked and need to be replaced.

Sometimes water may start leaking from the unit and it may be because of fittings are not tight enough or if you have high tap water pressure, make sure the tap isn’t set to full flow.

There can be a problem of bad odor or taste in the water coming out of it. It happens because of choked filters and membranes. These simply need to be replaced to solve the issue.

Repair Maniac is your one stop solution to all your repair and servicing needs in your Water Purifier or RO Water Purifier.

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