Book a technician by calling 844 844 9422 for your Microwave repair or servicing requirements in Kolkata and Howrah city!

Whenever you call Repair Maniac for repairing or servicing your Microwave Oven, just be assured that you are booking experts and experienced technicians at an affordable price.

We have free pickup and delivery facility from your doorsteps for major repair requirements. We provide warranty on our services. Most of the Microwave Repair requirements that we receive are generally for the below mentioned reasons.

Heating issues in Microwave, this happens sometimes if the microwave is turned on when it is empty or due to faulty diodes, capacitor burn, defective door switch and transformer failure. In this case parts need to be replaced by an expert technician like we have at Repair Maniac.

Microwave stops, this can be due to faulty door switch, failed transformer, defective touch pad and faulty fan motor. This needs immediate repair or replacement of parts.

Sometimes microwave plate doesn’t spin and this happens because of  faults in the motor, control board, control panel or touch pad. In this case only an expert technician can decide whether to replace the parts or minor repair can fix it.

Sparking can happen inside a microwave due to reasons like damaged wave guide cover, diode burn, damaged rack support or paint from the inside walls has worn out.

Whatever may be the problem you face while using your Microwave Oven, don’t 
 just  delay it and give a call to 844 844 9422 to book a technician from us before it may cause serious damage.

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