Book technicians by calling 844 844 9422 for your LED/LCD/CRT TV service and Repair requirements in Kolkata and Howrah City!

We repair TVs from SONY, SAMSUNG, TOSHIBA, LG, SHARP, INSIGNIA and every major and minor brands. We have free pickup and delivery services and also we provide warranty on our services.   

Almost 44% of  the  TV repair service calls that we receive from Kolkata and Howrah city are for TV panel related video issues like color loss, color patches, lines on TV screen, black spots, flickering of image etc.

26% of  the repair service calls are for screen goes blank in  TV, which is usually happens due to the capacitors on the power supply board fails.

9% of  the service calls come to us to repair  TV are for no audio output or audio is not coming out of  the TV. This happens mostly due to the audio IC that drives the internal speaker has failed.

21% of the issues informed by our customers while calling us for repairing their  TVs are for remote and connectivity issues.

Whatever may be the problem with your TV and no matter if it is out of the warranty period,  just call us at 844 844 9422 to book a technician from Repair Maniac and we will support you.

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