Book technician by calling us at 844 844 9422 for all your Geyser repair and installation services in Kolkata and Howrah city!

Expert technicians from Repair Maniac are extremely trained and experienced to resolve any issue in your Geyser that may need repair or sometime replacement of parts. We even provide Geyser installation services at an affordable price. We have a facility for free pickup and delivery from your doorsteps for major repair works. 

Most of the Geyser repair service calls we receive are for insufficient heating and this happens mostly due to faults with parts such as electric thermostat, gas pilot, heating element or pilot control valve, then these parts must be either repaired or replaced.

Second most common problem that happens is excessively hot water, this could be due to temperature settings are not set properly or wrong placement of pressure valve. Then these parts can be repaired or replaced if needed.

Third most common issue that we generally find while handling service calls is to repair noisy Geysers then this means water is boiling at the bottom of the water tank and is because of accumulation of sediment. This can be resolved by properly cleaning the tank by an expert technician like from Repair Maniac.

Fourth most common problem is leakage. Common causes of water leaking from geyser include corrosion, overheating, excessive pressure and faulty plumbing etc. In this case leaking valves must be replaced immediately by calling an expert technician like Repair Maniac.

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