Which one to buy Mi LED Smart TV 4A 43 inch or 32 inch?

Which one to buy Mi LED Smart TV 4A 43 inch or 32 inch?
Xiomi had launched 3 smart LED TV models but today we are discussing about two of these, one Mi LED Smart TV 4A 43 inch and 32 inch. In this article Repair maniac( TV Repair Service provider in Kolkata & Howrah City for all major and minor TV brands ) is going to discuss about some of the specifications in details that matters in both the models and need to keep in mind before buying.


Display resolution: 

Mi LED Smart TV 4A 43 inch has a full HD resolution which is 1080p= 1920×1080 on the other hand 32 inch has 1366×768 resolution which is higher than 720p. It has half as much pixels as full HD resolution, means videos will be less sharper than the 43 inch model.

Refresh rate:

Refresh rate is actually number of times per second a video screen is updated. Here both the models offers 60 Hz which is a standard response rate for smart LED TV but higher the response rate more natural the video looks.

Viewing Angle:

Viewing angle means the maximum angle from which display on the TV screen can be viewed without compromising color fidelity and luminance. It is generally measured vertically and horizontally on the screen. Both the models have same viewing angle of 178 degree. This is the maximum viewing angle possible for any TV manufacturer to provide so far in the worldwide market. 

Response Time: 

Response time is the time taken by each pixel on the screen to change color. So for a 60 Hz refresh rate 6 ms(milli second) of response time is pretty good.


Both the models have two speakers each of 10 W output means in total 20 W. This simply defines the loudness of the speakers. For comparison a 16 watts speaker can produce 102 Decibels of sound. In general if you are watching a TV from a 1 meter distance than it is advised to use speakers that can produce between 85 to 110 decibels of sound.

Video decoder:

Video decoder is an electronic circuit made up of a single integrated circuit chip that converts analog video signals into digital components video files. Video decoder in Mi smart TV is converting analog signals into video formats like mpeg 1, mpeg 2, mpeg 4, REAL, H.265, H.264. Here everybody is aware of mpeg and REAL video formats but H.265 is a video format which is also known as high efficiency video coding which offers double the data compression ratios at improved video quality at the same bit rate. In this case both the models are capable of decoding same formats.

Stereophonic Sound:

Both the models are capable of producing stereophonic sound. Stereo is a process of sound production that creates an illusion of a multi – directional audible perspective, means the impression of sound heard from various direction.


DTS stands for Digital Theater Systems a popular home theater audio format that was developed in 1993 as a competitor to Dolby Labs in the development of surround sound audio technology for movie production. Sound produced by DTS is more accurate than Dolby Digital because it uses less compression than Dolby Digital. This is also available in both the models.


CPU uses Amlogic Cortex A53 quad-core processor. It is a high efficiency processor used in both the models for wide range of applications in smart TV, Cortex-A53 processor is applicable in a range of devices requiring high performance in power-constrained environments.


Here Xiomi has used 1 GB DDR RAM for both the TV Models which will be slower in terms of speed, graphics and memory etc than the recent smart mobile handsets which are using DDR3 but still it will be better than the DDR2 RAM which is no better than DDR RAM.



PatchWall is an operating system developed by Mi which is a revolutionary because it is not like ordinary operating systems which will just show all the apps instead Mi TV OS Patchwall will show contents to you like Movies, TV Shows etc where you can watch anything you like. Suppose you want to watch any Series which is available in any of the app or is about to start in any TV channel then patchWall will search it for you and play it. If you connect a DTH Box on Mi TV 4 then patchwall will take all the channel guides from the DTH Box & will add those in its own UI i.e Patchwall UI ( user Interface). This feature is not available on any other smart TV in the market. Good news is that on buying new 4A Tv  you’ll get 700,000 hours of content on PatchWall. Both the models are equipped with this OS(Operating System)


Last but the most important comparison is the price difference between them. Mi LED Smart TV 4A (43) will cost
you Rs 22,999/-, while the cost of Mi LED Smart TV 4A (32) is RS 13,999/-. You can purchase it online on Flipkart or from Mi website.

Mi IR Remote:

Mi has provided IR( Infrared ) remote using which you can control both your smart TV and your set top box but for this feature to work you have to buy an extra accessory called Mi IR set-top box(STB) controller. To use this, one need to connect the cable to the USB port available on the smart TV and IR emitters need to be placed in front of the STB then open the TV guide app on the TV to watch your favorite channels, shows, get personalized recommendations and more. This cable can be purchased from Mi website by paying Rs 199/-.  




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