Contact 844 844 9422 To Book Technicians For your Requirements Like Repairing, Servicing Or Installing AC In Kolkata And Howrah City!

Technicians in Repair Maniac are experts and experienced in repairing, servicing or installing ACs from SAMSUNG, BLUESTAR, SANSUI, HITACHI, SHARP, LG, WHIRLPOOL and all major and brands.

We ensure quality service at an affordable price. We provide warranty on our services. We have a free pickup and delivery facility from your doorsteps for major repair works.

AC generally has issues like clogged air filters need to be cleaned, thermostat related issue like temperature setting is not proper, coolant is leaking in the AC, water is leaking out of AC due to clogged drain line.

AC motor is damaged because of overheating motor due to faulty fuses and breakers, burned start and run capacitors which is causing the AC to run inefficiently.

Sometimes AC doesn’t cool properly due to faulty compressor, evaporator coils responsible for absorbing heat in the air is corroded, the AC makes strange noises due to motor bearing problem or a faulty belt that might break.

Whatever may be the problem in your AC and it doesn’t matter when you have bought it, just give a call to 844 844 9422 and we are there to help you.

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